Organizational Change Management Services & Consulting

Navigating transition through change leadership

Within privately held companies, there’s often a need for organizational change management as the business grapples with succession to next generation leaders, cultural shifts that affect the workforce, social and environmental changes that affect the industry, and more.

A lack of agility when faced with change can hamper business growth. Equipping your business with an arsenal of team members who are ready to withstand and promote change ensures success.

We believe growing change leaders is the foundation for change management.

Are you looking for Change Management and Change Leadership Solutions?

A business’s greatest risk is not planning for transition. Our organizational change management services help you empower change leaders to support organizational transformation.


Equipping Change Leaders for Organizational Transformation

There are two conduits needed to activate change throughout an organization—human empathy and systems expertise. Leaders in your organization that demonstrate knowledge in both areas are uniquely positioned to lead change. We venture with your organization to equip change leaders as a part of your change management strategy.

Change leaders understand that you cannot drive organizational change through your people, you must navigate change with your people. They learn to leverage emotional, social and environmental intelligence to determine what change solutions can be implemented that accomplish organizational goals while also cultivating a collaborative and enjoyable work culture for those most impacted by the transition—your workforce.

What You Can Expect from Our Organizational Change Management Services

  • We focus on “people over process” change management systems
  • We lead and facilitate workshops for change leadership development
  • We facilitate necessary conversations that lead to unified decision making
  • We provide corporate, executive and emerging change leadership training programs
  • We provide tools for clarifying roles and transitions
  • We provide SMART goal planning
  • We encourage better communication, appreciation and acceptance of what the future organization will look like
  • We offer a clearly defined plan

Meet the Team

Scott Hackman

Expert in Leadership Guidance, Change & Transition


Mindy Haas

Expert in DISC, Driving Forces, & Emotional Intelligence


Brant Lingle

Expert in Strategic Planning & Leadership Coaching