Leadership Development Training Programs

Leadership Training for Teams Who Want Peer to Peer Learning

Each individual gets better, each group gets better and then, the organization functions more effectively with intentional communication and stronger teams.

We consult with privately owned companies, to create customized leadership development programs that are tailored to the specific challenges and goals that the organization has identified. Often, our clients are either transitioning to next generation leadership or are positioned for exponential growth. The companies want their core values to be expressed in the people that lead, manage and contribute to the company. We start with the behavioral principles, design around learning objectives, and facilitate leadership training experiences that result in sustained growth.

Looking for a Leadership Training Provider?

Our Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) facilitate unique, customized training experiences that propel your team members toward long-term sustainable growth and success.


Our Philosophy

We believe that effective growth and change begins with the leadership and management within an organization. It’s through their attitude and actions that teams and individuals are influenced to foster their own growth both personally and professionally. It’s important that the current leadership is providing an environment that feels safe and is safe for everyone. Since this takes time and practice, our program focuses on developing the essential knowledge and skill needed for long-term growth and success. 

We work closely with individual teams and team members to learn more about their goals and vision. We cultivate open and honest conversations between teams and management which in the end results in everyone working together to solve problems through daily, open communication, action and reflection.

Our Process

Our adult learning style promotes smaller leadership venture groups within larger organizations while addressing each individual within the organization and their own response to how the organization is growing and transitioning. This cultivates a learning community and produces people with a growth mindset open to a culture of feedback for improvement.

The end goal is to encourage individuals to say, “I, as an individual, have strengths and weaknesses. I can learn and grow by building a learning community inside of this organization that’s based on connecting with groups, buddies, mentors, and coaches.”

We provide the infrastructure to start the key conversations and begin fostering open dialogue between these essential groups within an organization.

  • Step 1: We begin by having critical conversations to fully understand the vision and values of the organization. This is essential to best understand the big picture and provide the appropriate leadership learning.
  • Step 2: Based on the understanding of the vision and values, we ask the questions— what are the principles by which they want to behave or are already behaving as an organization? And how might they grow in order to get to where they want to go?
  • Step 3: Once we have identified how they may need to grow in order to achieve their goals, we outline a curriculum based on an aggregate of learning content from the best researchers and practitioners in the world of leadership.
  • Step 4: We synthesize the curriculum content in order to use it as a catalyst for conversation. These conversations often take place first in a larger group form and then leads to small group breakouts. From there, we formulate an action plan or application of the learning into the daily work of each member within each learning group.

Our Leadership Development Program Structure Will Add Immediate Value to Your Organization

Our leadership development company trains teams through a series of modules on various leadership topics, rolled out within an organization for a period of 6 months to a year.

Each module is accompanied by a learning session as well as 1:1 coaching sessions focused around specific goals.

At the end of the program, you can expect leaders who are self aware and intrinsically motivated to perform. Team members will have clearly defined career paths as well as a positive attitude towards their peers seeking to understand, accept and work with the strengths with in diversity.

Lastly, you will experience the value that our program provides by providing you and your organization with: 

  • Increased engagement and retention
  • Self assessment for better performance
  • Openness to feedback for improvements Improved product quality
  • Learning from mistakes with a growth mindset
  • Efficient issue resolution at the root cause

It’s our goal to unlock more of your human potential, partner with your business plan and enhance your culture as strategy.


Meet the Team

Scott Hackman

Expert in Leadership Guidance, Change & Transition


Mindy Haas

Expert in DISC, Driving Forces, & Emotional Intelligence


Brant Lingle

Expert in Strategic Planning & Leadership Coaching