Leadership Coaching for Executives and Teams

For performance, development, managing change, transition, or strategic leadership succession.

Our coaching programs are focused on working alongside leaders or members of a leadership team with the goal of increasing their potential, performance and engagement during times of change, rapid business growth and role transitions.

Our leadership coaching for executives and teams helps identify the pain associated with change while meeting the objectives identified by each individual team member. The process of letting go, allows for more skill building as one seeks to become a more effective leader through leveraging their strengths and overcoming obstacles. 

Looking for a Leadership Coaching Services?

Our coaching programs focus on working alongside leaders to increase their potential, performance & engagement during times of change, transition & rapid growth.


What You Can Expect from Our Leadership Coaching Services

The first step of our coaching programs ensures leadership alignment. To accomplish this, we start with a team meeting to outline what each leader wants to accomplish during the course of the coaching program.

Next, we hold a 2:1 meeting with the leader and each team member to align individual goals with organizational goals.

Then, we coach each individual around their goals to increase their performance and overcome any obstacles.

Lastly, we finish with a group consultation around goals accomplished and potential next steps. 

Through engaging in our coaching programs, you’re increasing the potential, engagement and performance of employees collectively as a team, while you overcome roadblocks that may be hindering your success.


Do You Need a Leadership Coach?

Coaching is for executives and leaders who want to increase their potential, performance and engagement during times of change, rapid business growth and role transitions. Our coaches can help you navigate the following:

  • Executive performance – you want to better perform in a certain way as an executive
  • Talent development – you want to develop talent on your team and have a specific person in mind
  • Issue/conflict resolution – there is a conflict with a person or situation that you find yourself in and you want insight for action
  • Career path/succession planning – you want to think strategically about your career and succession path
  • Influence/executive presence – you want to influence the company culture in a specific way
  • Change leadership – you want to continue to lead change and growth through your leadership

Meet Our Coaching Team

Scott Hackman

Expert in Leadership Guidance, Change & Transition


Mindy Haas

Expert in DISC, Driving Forces, & Emotional Intelligence


Brant Lingle

Expert in Strategic Planning & Leadership Coaching