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Part I: Future Leader Vision—Planning for 2021 and Why it’s Important

So, you want to make better decisions going forward into 2021. Everything still feels uncertain, so to manage stress you stay busy. We believe that to cultivate calm in your mind and body, will serve you well in 2021. It will create the mental space to make better decisions based on your values and the person you want to be in the future.

We all have experienced feeling “stuck” in a particular place in life. Decisions are one factor that got us there. Additionally, we recognize that place, position, privilege, and power are other reasons. Since many of these mentioned are beyond our control, we are going to focus on decision making going into 2021.

In our work with business owners and executive leaders, we are finding the immense value in putting aside deliberate time to reflect and discuss important topics, so that informed decisions can be made.

The most important things in the workplace right now

Based on a recent survey from TTISI Insights (our partner for assessment of personality, engagement, and EQ of the leaders we serve) they found that trust, engagement, and mentorship are the most important things in the workplace right now. People are looking for stability, during very uncertain times. In response to this, as a leader it is time to create stability in your own mind, so that you can stay the course, daily, weekly, and monthly going into 2021.

One of the key factors that is getting in the way of the necessary stability, focus, execution of plans, engagement, and performance is compound stress, both personally and professionally. To counter this, there will be more time required to express these emotions through exercise, consistent sleep, eating well, joy/play/fun in relationships with people that wish you well/success/happiness. This will require consistent actions in order to come through 2021 as a better person. Furthermore, these actions require self-reflection and adjustments.

Breaking unhealthy patterns

Most of us are simply repeating patterns, some of the patterns are healthy habits that keep us on the right track, while others are patterns in the form of coping skills acquired overtime to keep us alive. Some we are aware of, and some we are not. Anything that is overused or overextended can become a weakness, blind spot, or blockage to progress. It requires sustained effort and reflection on that individual effort to learn, change, and see the results that are actually connected to your well-being which results in joy throughout even the hardest of times.

We know in part that through the trials and struggles we can become more aware, more of who we deeply desire to be on a daily basis.

Putting it into practice

In an effort to help you make better decisions through creating stability, managing stress, and breaking unhealthy habits, we have created a tool for you to utilize. We will be releasing the tool and will guide you through the process in our next blog, stay tuned!

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