Scott Hackman


Expert in Leadership Guidance, Change & Transition

Scott Hackman is the Founder and CEO of Scott Hackman Ventures. He has over 15 years of experience in business advising, coaching, and leadership development. As an executive coach, he is skilled at working with business owners, leadership teams, and key stakeholder groups to unlock leadership potential and to build company culture.

Scott focuses on privately-owned companies going through rapid growth and transition, building tailored programs to fit each organization’s unique vision, needs, and goals. He understands the inflection points organizations go through as they transition in leadership and/or ownership. Scott has the ability to ideate on creative solutions with his clients and collaborate with them for a clear path forward.

Before starting Scott Hackman Ventures, Scott had 10+ years of experience in establishing new businesses and helping businesses grow. He co-founded a specialty coffee company and launched it as a regional brand. He has also advised and coached owners through 60 leadership and ownership transitions, specializing in the development of next-generation leadership programs.

His experience led him to his true passion of being a conduit to change the way business leaders and owners think about transitions. He wants to inspire others to adapt to change by developing self-leadership skills and adopting practices and principles to build communities for growth.

Scott has served on numerous boards focusing on strategic planning, rebranding, and board development. He holds a master’s in leadership from Eastern Mennonite Seminary, where his focus was on entrepreneurialism in faith-based organizations. He earned an LCOP certificate for completing the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance program through American University School of Professional Extended Studies.