Our Team

Meet the members of our team.

Alicia Hofer

Alicia is passionate about designing creative and data-driven solutions for the workplace. Her approach integrates her science and analytical training with innovative and agile problem solving to inspire transformational change in individuals, leaders, and entire organizations. Alicia holds a master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, which uses the science of human behavior to improve workplaces.

Meet Alicia

Andrea Hackman

Andrea Hackman supports the team through organization design and development. With 15+ years of leadership in operations, HR, marketing, finance, and strategy, Andrea brings her expertise to ensure Scott Hackman Ventures is running efficiently. And, more importantly, the team is engaged and bringing their fullest selves to their work.

Meet Andrea

Brant Lingle

Brant’s “why-passion” is to help organizations/others thrive into the best versions of themselves while creating a better world. Brant brings a high capacity to do deep and meaningful work by asking meaningful questions that generate motivation to change. He’s a people-centric listener and leader with an extensive reservoir for managing complexity into vibrancy.

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Mindy Haas

Mindy is an associate coach with Scott Hackman Ventures providing leadership coaching to individuals and business owners around self-development goals aligned with organizational goals. She also facilitates the learning sessions within the Leadership Development Programs.

Meet Mindy

Scott Hackman

Scott Hackman is the Founder and CVO of Scott Hackman Ventures. He has over 15 years of experience in business advising, coaching, and leading growth through transitions. As an executive coach, he is skilled at working with business owners, leadership teams, and key stakeholder groups to unlock leadership potential and to build company culture. Scott has the ability to ideate on creative solutions with his clients and collaborate with them for a clear path forward.

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