About Scott Hackman Ventures

Scott Hackman Ventures is a group of leadership consultants, coaches, facilitators, and instructional designers. Our area of expertise is in working with privately-owned companies going through transitions or poised for growth. We provide 1:1 executive coaching, team coaching programs, and leadership development training programs.

We are passionate about aligning organizational values and individual values and creating a learning community within organizations. The principles that guide our work are deliberately developmental, leadership coaching for organizational performance, a culture of inclusion, and facilitating for alignment.

Areas of Expertise

Business Advisement & Consulting

Family business/privately owned business advising
Consulting successors on upgrading/improving advisory resources
Meeting facilitation for ownership, board or executive team alignment

Leadership Coaching & Development

Coaching leaders and owners through succession plans
Coaching contributors into managers, and managers into leaders
Leadership development training programs

Venture with Us

When a business is poised for growth, there is risk involved in the transitions and transformations needed to move forward. It is our goal to walk alongside our clients during the process. We call these partnerships ventures.

ven·ture [ ven-cher ]

noun – a risky or daring journey or undertaking

Taking a risk can trigger fear and uncertainty. However, it also offers an opportunity to unlock greater potential. 

The next venture you undertake will require you to address your fears and assess your strengths and limitations. We’ll help you find the courage you’ll need to build on your self-awareness, social-regulation, and the skills you’ll need to sustain your growth through transition.



We have personally experienced the pain points business leaders face when it comes to change and growth. We have spent the time learning about the causes and we know the resources to unlock potential and align goals to the best possible outcome. We have been involved in business startups, including a family business, and had to work through many challenging dynamics. We have designed, launched, and led 30 leadership development training programs. Collectively, we have banked over 5,000 hours coaching with business leaders and private business owners.
We’re Ready to Venture With You!

Scott Hackman

Expert in Leadership Guidance, Change & Transition


Mindy Haas

Expert in DISC, Driving Forces, & Emotional Intelligence


Brant Lingle

Expert in Strategic Planning & Leadership Coaching