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  • Celebrate The Small Things

    For the past five month my wife and I have been on a journey to live our life as a fullfillment of a calling.  The word calling is weighted and has a lot of meaning, so I will explain what that means to me.

    I have not used the word “calling” in my vocabulary till recently, due to the many
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  • Listening to Rob Bell

    On Monday evening March 14th Rob Bell was asked to defend the acquisition of believing in universalism.  As I was watched the video, I couldn’t help but feel sad for Rob and all the Christians that need a person like Rob to allow them to believe in a God of love.  (I think I started feeling bad for myself, also.)  
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  • A Spark in the Revolution

    I have spent most of my professional life trying on different identities to see which one fit.  In the process I was a youth pastor, musician, delivery driver, summer camp director, philanthropic intern and social entrepreneur.  Only since my recent decent into the freelance/consulting world have I found out what I have to offer that is good for others.  It
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  • Celebrating Discipline

    Today I remained calm in the midst of uncertainty.  How did I do it?

    1.  Breathing when I felt anxiety rise.

    2. Trusting people as much or more than I trust myself.

    3.  Choosing to see the good in all things

    I have the joy of working with talented people.  My role is simple: build relationships, listen to concerns, hear
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  • Lead Us

    After a day spent with church leaders in the Anabaptist context I have hope for how the church might engage people now and in the future.  Clearly it can not be the same show, because the audience has become fragmented.  The message I heard today from a young leader in Pittsburgh is that people want to be challenged.  There is
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  • A time for great hope

    Watching TV sitcom’s like Community (which I enjoy thoroughly) during the holiday gives me  glimpse of the growing perspective of this post Christian American landscape.

    This quick post may help anyone who still confuses Christmas with the incarnation of God through Jesus.  From what I can tell this is a holiday filled with expectations of a bi gone era when
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  • Peter Block: a story of social transformation

    As I sat down for the session on Community lead by Peter Block I found myself unprepared for the experience unfolding before my eyes.  Sitting down at a table like I mattered, because I brought coffee to share with the community of church leaders.  As though I needed a reason to feel important. I heard Peter Block say to the
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  • Message from a “Naked Anabaptist”

    At a time when politics and media polarize our conversation, there is little room for cross cultural pollination and innovation in our local context.  The Mennonite faith community, via emerging Anabaptist missional Theology has given me a lens to live again, as a participant in the mission of God through reconciliation.  “How did I get here?” some of my readers
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  • My_Ohi: Collaboration is our Future

    A couple days ago I was sitting at a Chipotle with a good friend and missional practitioner Todd Hiestand.  We were sharing stories about how we live in a state of transition as bi-vocational people.  He is a husband, father of soon to be four children, Pastor at The Well and Founder/Principle of 343 Design.  I have always
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  • Open Hand Initiative: Lemonade

    One of my visions for this blog is to create a space where people can tell stories of open hand initiatives through giving, living and creating.  At a time when politics, religion and economics  polarize people groups.  My hope is that we will look around our community and your world and find the Open Hand Initiative near you.  And if
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