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What we say, what we believe?

Reading posts on Facebook reminds me of looking at pop magazines in a grocery store check out line.  Most often when I pull my cart up to the line I think about how quickly I want to get through check out, but then I am distracted by the attractive picture of a star.  It draws me in and I want more from it, like validation of my interest in the person who is famous.

Lately, I have felt this way when viewing Facebook.  I have close to 2,000 people in my network online and it has become a valuable connection point for many relationships.  However, the status updates have become a grocery store check out line experience. And  I am the guy who pretends not to look at the attractive model in the magazine or the hollywood gossip.  Yes, I have thought about ending my facebook acount recently, and to be honest the thought is exciting.

What I believe about Social Media:

1. Social Media is culture.

And just like any other cultural medium before it, the user gets to influence it through their own particular values and identity. Lately, I have been wondering if this is true.  Is it possible to influence a culture being created by 700,000 million people. More importantly, do I have the bandwidth to exercise my social strength?


I have is enough energy to write this post and hope that one or two people read it and share how they feel about social products like facebook.

1. How are you benefiting from using it, or not?

2. How can social communication help us reach our goals?

3. What can we learn about human desire/behavior?

Facebook is an amazing product, but I think the day is coming when more people will close their account then log onto Facebook. It does not have the power to change the world.  People do, they always have, and they always will.

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