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Entrepreneurism Understood

Recently after speaking on digital media and the cultural revolution we are undergoing at this present moment I was faced with the fears of many who approached me for conversation.  There was an embedded assumption that I had an answer for them, when I have more questions, because I am apart of the same cultural revolution.  I am going through my own transformation and change daily.  I long to have the slightest bit of control over my present circumstance.  The reality I see for the rest of my life with be charting a path based solely on my values and conviction from a narrative I lived and a community of relationships I am living within.  This vision for my future is most present in my work as a consultant with leaders in business, ministry and community.

When I listen to people who identify with my process, they seem to identify with being understood, heard and named for the good within them.  They may have been poorly branded in their current market for social engagement and business development.  They seem to be attracted to a process of uncovering their unique voice in their world.  The irony of my experience has been found in the identity development process of a discovery phase with my clients.  The irony is found in my own leadership journey as an Entrepreneur co-founding my first enterprise at the age of 27th and then founding my second venture in December of 2010. The path I chose in my mid 20′s lead me into a wilderness of doubt and fear.  I could not see myself through the trees of every day challenges of leading relationship development and process oriented structured services.  There were opportunities I never planed for that revealed them self as I walked down the causeways of my mind and grocery isles at the whole foods markets where I spent a considerable amount of time doing market research and listening to customers for my first business venture.

During the listening I began to hear stories of customers who were longing for an experience beyond purchasing a product.  What emerged was a desire for story to connect and belong.  The story we all long for is one that gives us hope in our daily life as we seek to make meaning out of the mandain and painful.  Entreprenurism gives the adventurous a chance to risk their name and future through creating solutions and products for human interaction.  This process of naming a vision based on values is spiritual in the way a person or group of people are invited to imagine what may come through their venture.  This allows the others who will join the company or organization a story to be apart of.  This is a theological act of some sort, forcing us to uncover what we think or don’t think about God.  This is when the questions lead us down a path and process toward illumination of what was and what is to come.

The entrepreneurial journey is a desirable path to an outside observer, because it looks like the person pioneering gets to do what they want. This perspective is over simplified, because of the lack of a contextual reality.  Most entrepreneur in today’s market of individualism and immediate success recognizes their limitations of moving a system forward or toward transformation for something new to emerge.  They have to be surrounded by and embedded with in a community or culture which values their strength to the collective vision for the future.

As I face the beginning of my second year as a “new” entrepreneur, one who has decided to live and work in this way to create culture and community.  I find myself with more time for my family, friendships, and community.  I have time to study and learn, speak and share.  The goal of this venture is to create a culture of flourishing, where people associated with us, find themselves wrapped up in the never ending story of hope that find us all.

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