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A Principle In Transition: Social Change Agents

I am close to many people in transition and have been a part of several efforts to create a good enterprise in the emerging marketplace of social change.  With in moments of encountering the people who I have ridden with in vans and cars in under resourced parts of the world, I recognize my own limitations to complete the task of changing the world.  I thought I let go of this expectation and grand narrative that has haunted me since I was a boy.  Listening to my father tell me stories of missionaries to the great lakes and out regions of Canada, or his urban ministry friends who were bi-vocational out of necessity.  Nonetheless, here I sit in one of the greatest transition of my life as the observer and participant.  Longing to hold onto the glimpses of good in the past for the full integration of my present future: a future that looks much more ordinary than extraordinary to the outside world.  And in that moment I am reminded of this thought:  “What if the point of this whole thing, meaning life and the interconnections and extension we create is about one thing?”  The sacred/secular interplay of faith acted out in community: be it in business, family or friendships.  This is my point: I am starting to think it is in the ordinary we begin to grasp the depth our own creation and the co-creation we continue to participate within.

We all have worldviews, which our shaped by our education, upbringing and experience.  We all search for meaning; I would like to suggest that we are emerging into a space of creating meaning through the interconnected reality of the digital communication between individual and community.  However, with out a local contextual expression of your “self” we can be lost and diluted by our own grand narratives at play in our subconscious and conscious mind.  It is only in the communication between the other people we begin the sacred act of transformation.  No longer can I just hold onto my particular worldview I become shaped in the transaction of ideas, empathy and relationship.  This is my ultimate goal: that my simple, small being, would interact with the grand narrative of Creation through the interplay of a local and global intercultural community.  The community I am passionate about lies in both the academic, social, and religious enterprise: along with the convergence of inter-cultural behavior and the creative act of communication for mutual benefit.

There is a growing concern for the social entrepreneur to leave the nest of security in celebrity or heroic behavior in order to act in mutually beneficial ways with the other.  There is a need for an emergence of brands and enterprises, which can risk the bottom line enough to innovate new categories of communication and exchange of goods and services.  The power structures at play with in our global social society are demanding us to give up control in order to gain informational insight into the picture of those who are not in power.  This is an opportunity for growth and transformation of our world.

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