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Perspective From a Year In Transition

Recently, I saw a post on facebook from a friend who said, “feeling in transition.”   There was part of me felt sorrow and part of me felt excitement for this person.

If you are feeling in transition this post is for you.  Welcome to the new normal, welcome to the new way of being in this world.  Where we can finally face some of the the lies which we inherited like “security” and “wealth” and flip them on their heads with a radical simplicity.  A hope in something more than the individualistic, consumer, American “dream”, which has failed us all.

To understand failure and its power of transformation, I believe one needs to fail their expectations and live in spite of fear.  The driving theme in our human narrative is the fear of death.  Overcoming our greatest fears, is a process of living well.

“What do you do?” is in my estimation the toughest question for a person in transition.

May I suggest a better question for people in transition, “What are you learning?”

Here is what I am learning:

1. We need new metrics of success.  (Money, power, fame will not work in this new world we are living in, where the curator of information and the promoter of others, becomes the new CEO, because last I heard the salaries aren’t that good :-)

2. We need community more than we need commodities. (When I use the word community think of this analogy.  An alcoholic steps into a room and this persons friend hands them a diet coke while entering a party.  Community empowers the person, it does not enable destruction.)

3. There is are new social spaces emerging. (We have the white noise of social space vibrating our phones and filling our minds with activity.   But People who make real face to face human contact happen, will yield the new currency.)

4. Empathy can take the lead in the “new economy”. (I am biased, I have a passion for faith communities specifically the tribe I belong too.  The reason the congregation can lead is they can design mission around people projects, not buildings and salaries.)

5. At the end of my life, I will be thankful for this year. (I am overjoyed with a thankfulness to the people who have allowed me to commit and share with.  Each week I become affirmed in my faith as a way of life, not just a belief.)

One year ago I stepped away from a company I co-founded with my father, wife and a couple friends.  I did this to reclaim my life and it’s purpose. I did this to integrate a life lived on mission with my wife who is my greatest partner and friend.  I did this, because I have a daughter and if I hope for her to live in a way that is abundant and meaningful than, I better start living with intention.

Step 1 – I went back to school to finish a degree in leadership.

Why did I go to Eastern Mennonite Seminary?

The Anabaptist Mennonite narrative is my grounding story.  They are my faith community and were instrumental in bringing me back to life.  I hope to ultimately work with leaders in activating their God given dreams for this world on the mission of reconciliation and transformation.

Step 2 – We started a “company” Why?

This time we designed it a little differently by founding a Talent Collective.  I have a gift and I want to share it with amazing people, companies and organizations.  There are better ways to work and is just one of them.

Step 3 – We named and joined a movement

There are 1000′s of movements all around us, I recommend naming one or joining one you identify with.  I connect and collaborate with and

In the past year I have had the opportunity to share my gift with inspiring people doing amazing work in business, NPO’s, community development and churches.

Thank you for all those who have given me oppertunities and encouragement over the past year.

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