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My Process of Transition

My last post I explained the Journey Andrea and I have been on of following our dreams and creating a path in the wilderness of transition. Remembering the good seems to be apart of designing a better future, so its time to share some of the amazing people I have worked with and the projects I have worked on in the last couple months.

The first project I worked on was a brand development and fundraising campaign with C.L.I.A India in the late summer and early fall of 2010.  In January of 2010 I had the privilege of going to India and visiting this amazing organization and ministry.  Working with a team for CLIA allowed me to use my gifts developed through 3.5 years of work with One Village Coffee building their brand and business partnerships.  I continue to use my experience to help NGO’s, ministries develop their brand voice and strategic narrative for organizational growth.  My father owns and operates One Village Coffee to this day with the other founding members.

Another project was with a consulting group, where our team went through a process of assessment with the leadership for brand and business development.  This was the first project with my new role with MyOhai LLC and even though we did not get to complete the full scope of the project we were hoping for, the organization implemented our suggestions in their communications strategy/brand development.  We learned how to work effectively as a team through this project.  We also learned about some of our limitations and developed better process’s for future clients.

The following project was a grant submition for a brand/product development of STAR (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resiliency).  This is an amazing opportunity to create a scalable product of resources to pastors and congregations after a trauma or disaster hits a city.  I will be going through the STAR process on April 11h-15th at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg VA.  We will find out about the grant in September of 2011.

There have been oppertunities to speak about social media and how it is shaping the way people connect and communicate. There have been several opportunities to meet with non profit, ministry and business leaders and help them work through their fears to create a helpful strategy for their desired outcomes.  I love being apart of transformation and innovation.  My way of helping looks like this:

1.  Listening

(There are real issues keeping leaders and organizations from using tools or creating strategies that could help them reach their goals.)

2.  Uncovering a mark/message

(Every person and organizaiton has something unique about them.  It is usually found in what has got them to the point they are at now and can be used in creating the platform for the future.)

3.  Idea creation (ideation)

4.  Strategic development

5.  Activating the strategy or dream (I love this part of the process)

6.  Reflecting on what went well and would could go better for the future process.

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