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Celebrate The Small Things

For the past five month my wife and I have been on a journey to live our life as a fullfillment of a calling.  The word calling is weighted and has a lot of meaning, so I will explain what that means to me.

I have not used the word “calling” in my vocabulary till recently, due to the many meanings it has had in my life.  It used to mean to me that there was this specific job, role, task I was meant to do or person I was meant to be.  Now calling is more about the fullfillment of a longing that ecompasses both my intellectual, spiritual and emotional understanding of myself in the world.  I fullfill my calling primarly in the small things, like doing dishes, laundry and spending time with Andrea, my wife, June my daughter and the relationship extenstion that keep me grounded.

I need grounding in my life, because I am a dreamer and impulsive.  Expressing myself as a whole person in family and society comes with its challenges.  Number one challenge in my life is developing a carreer, profession or the word I like to use: vocation.  The word vocation takes into account the small things I do every day to fullfill my calling.  I have a deep longing to be a husband, father and worker.  A person who serves God in the profession of helping people live their calling through their business, ministry and work.

Five months ago Andrea and I went a way to a small house in New Jersey to find clearity on how we would live out our longings as parents and workers the upcoming year.  After seeking counsel from wise leaders who know our passion, hopes and dreams we started a talent cohort to do our work together in community with people who have gifts outside our capacity.  This provides a level of accountability and a structure to work with small business leaders, Ministries, and Non Profits.

Andrea and I failed at our first effort of working together. Largely because of my ego and in ability to take her lead where she is strong.  Thankfully the business we helped start continues to this day and it doing well.  Removing ourselves from structures that did not support our strength was our first step in developing our vocation and fulfilling our calling.  We have just begun and it is a challenge and rewarding in our personal relationship.  There are many different opportunities we have because of this decision, but it has meant letting go of the american dream of owning home, property and stuff.  We are privilege to even get to decide that we will “sacrifice” those dreams for a more holistic dream of living our calling.

How do you celebrate your way of life?

How do you understand your way of being in this world?

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