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  • A reason for Church

    Why a post about Church?

    Recently a friend and collaborator Harry Jarrett Jr.posted his thoughts about why he likes a denomination my wife and I have been members of for the past several years.  Although our historical family tradition is Mennonite, and we both went to Mennonite Highschools CD and LMH, but, I have not been actively involved
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  • What we say, what we believe?

    Reading posts on Facebook reminds me of looking at pop magazines in a grocery store check out line.  Most often when I pull my cart up to the line I think about how quickly I want to get through check out, but then I am distracted by the attractive picture of a star.  It draws me in and I want
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  • “All is Grace”, Brennan Manning’s Memoir

    “Vulgar Grace” is a phrase used by Brennan Manning from his new book “All Is Grace”.  This phrase describes the journey of one man’s desire to be like by many, and yet loved by God.  His upbringing formed part of his identity as a Catholic Child, raised by a struggling mother.  He missed her funeral in a lowest
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  • Entrepreneurism Understood

    Recently after speaking on digital media and the cultural revolution we are undergoing at this present moment I was faced with the fears of many who approached me for conversation.  There was an embedded assumption that I had an answer for them, when I have more questions, because I am apart of the same cultural revolution.  I am going through
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  • A Principle In Transition: Social Change Agents

    I am close to many people in transition and have been a part of several efforts to create a good enterprise in the emerging marketplace of social change.  With in moments of encountering the people who I have ridden with in vans and cars in under resourced parts of the world, I recognize my own limitations to complete the task
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  • Responsability for Personality

    My personality is like this quote from Joe E. Lewis, “you only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough…”

    Responsibility denotes ones own ability to accept, absorb and learn from their decisions.  This often takes place when a person finds themselves at a “crossroads” in life.  A traumatic incident may have taken place, for example, a
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  • Perspective From a Year In Transition

    Recently, I saw a post on facebook from a friend who said, “feeling in transition.”   There was part of me felt sorrow and part of me felt excitement for this person.

    If you are feeling in transition this post is for you.  Welcome to the new normal, welcome to the new way of being in this world.  Where we can
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  • Ambassadors of Reconciliation

    In order to be ambassadors of reconciliation, bearing witness to the gospel of Christ’s love in our world.  We learn how to release control of the message, in order to become the message of hope through reconciliation.  No longer seeing ourselves as the privileged holder of power over “other”, we gain the ability to listen and share our convictions through
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  • Visceral Hope

    In spite of a tragedy locally with the violent murder of a 9 year old girl.  The madness of a narrative where violence to justify violence through the murder of the perpetrator begins to release through the air waves.  I find myself surprised by hope.    My hope is found in an ever convincing thought that we live into a story
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  • My Process of Transition

    My last post I explained the Journey Andrea and I have been on of following our dreams and creating a path in the wilderness of transition. Remembering the good seems to be apart of designing a better future, so its time to share some of the amazing people I have worked with and the projects I have worked on in
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